WhatsApp has introduced some new features

Recently WhatApp has introduced some new features in new version.

 Video Calling

Now users can enjoy the video calling feature in WhatsApp also. It is definitely a big change.

New Camera Features

WhatsApp introduce some new camera features. Now after clicking picture through whatsapp camera, you can edit that picture. You can put emoji on photo before share with friends. you can also write any test on picture and can make picture more saying. One more feature is that now you can use flash light of front camera and can click selfie better even in low light. So now you enjoy this new feature to put emoji on picture and have fun.

Watch video with downloading

Yes, now you can watch any video in whatsapp with downloading. Now there is no need to wait for downloading. Now it easy to watch  shared video.

Create GIF

It is also an interesting feature that whatsapp introduce recently. Now you can create a short video GIF of 6 second and share with friends. you can share any funny event in a GIF


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