Rumors About iPhone 8 features


Yes, there is not announce any  official date for releasing iPhone 8 but suspense has create.  there are some rumors about iPhone 8 which are very interesting. Everybody knows that every time iPhone bring a change in its trend but this time Apple want to do something big.

Releasing Date

Apple is going launch some interesting features in iPhone 8 and suspense has created about releasing date. Apple will celebrate its 10th year anniversary in 2017. It is expecting that Apple will launch iPhone 8 on its 10th year celebration and will be available in 2018.

What is New in iPhone 8 ?

  • Screen could be OLED curved display
  • Expected A-11 processor
  • Red color included
  • Body without bezel
  • Wireless charging
  • Camera might be front facing in iPhone 8
  • Resolution could be higher than Quad HD

It is expecting that iPhone 8 has edge-to-edge OLED curved display and this time iPhone 8 body has no bezel(side frame). It is also said that this time home button is inside the screen with fingerprint sensor. The display of iPhone 8 is of plastic and no glass.

Price might be higher more than another iPhone. It is Expected around 1200$.

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