Iron Man’s Jarvis has become real by Mark Zuckerberg

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has created an artificial intelligence Jarvis like Iron man Jarvis technology. By the help of Jarvis, you can do most of the thing automatically, you just have to say “Jarvis, turn off the light”. It works most of the work for you like call somebody, play music, increase AC temperature. It can also take automatically action motion recognition and face recognition. It can make your toast also.
Zuckerberg says that he has been working on this AI Jarvis since one year. Mark has created this AI himself without anyone. He says that idea come up from to take care of Max (daughter of Mark Zuckerberg) at home. He is using it
on his own home. Mark says that Jarvis is learning my taste and behavior. Jarvis can understand our usual language and can perform task. It can be commanded through destop and messenger. You can control your home, office or anything from anywhere.
Mark is still working on it and improving it continuously. Now they will make separate application for android. Jarvis will make more useful in coming days. It will be the big change in technical world and its like a dream that come true.

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